Group Infrastructure

INPET Paraguay owns a land with more than 70,000m2 of surface, with a constructed area of ​​approximately 24,000m2. Inpet Brasil has more than 3,000m2 of construction on a property of approximately 30,000m2. Inpet Argentina offers Blow-In-House services to ARCA Argentina (bottler of The Coca Cola Company products) in the Plant of the Province of Formosa.

Husky Injection Machines

With a total production capacity of approximately 1,200 Million Units / Year distributed in 10 lines located in the industrial plant of Paraguay.

Sidel brand machines

With transport lines, labeling and winding, avoiding unnecessary contact with the product. Its two lines installed in the industrial plant of Argentina have a capacity of around 100 Million Units / Year.

Nissei Injection-blowing Machines

With automatic packaging system. It has 13 lines located in the industrial plant of Brazil with a production capacity of 100 Million Units / Year approximately.

Aoki brand Injection Machines

With automated packaging. The industrial plant in Paraguay has 3 renovated lines with an approximate capacity of 40 Million Units / Year.

Sidel brand machines

With pneumatic conveying and automatic winding. With an installed capacity of 60 Million Units / Year, they serve as a complement to the entire range of products and services offered by Inpet to its customers.


INPET has technology to provide its customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

The constant empowerment of your workers is one of the principles to ensure that a group of up-to-date and competent professionals.

INPET has a modern quality control laboratory where physical-chemical tests are carried out on all its products.

The company has a state-of-the-art Chromatograph to determine the acetaldehyde level of the preforms.